Play School


At Mayur Public School, Vasundhara, we have a caring and nurturing environment for Play school. Admissions in play school are open throughout the year, as per the availability of the seats. Please contact us at the school or click here to get the contact information.

Our Preschool Program prepares children for the educational environment and imparts them with sharp skills of learning. We accept young kids from the age of 2 years on wards for this. We have 1:9 student teacher ratios with excellent and caring teaching staff. Our children learn so many things at such a tender age that it surprises their parents.

PlaygroundWe have ample facilities for children of small age. You can browse our facilities here.

Studies show that the age of 2 to 5 years is the time when the brain of a small child develops most. So this is the time when the environment of playschool imparts lifetime learning experiences in the mind of a child. And our school has perfect atmosphere and infrastructure to take care of children at such a tender age. To know more about our play school program please contact us here.